Congrats To Marko Vukasinovic For Becoming A Senior Partner At Queue

“When we worked with Marko Vukasinovic in 2014, we were embracing digital adaption and unifying new platforms at an unprecedented rate for clients. We were even honored with a REGGIE award. Since then, Marko has been able to work with some major companies, and brings back with him exciting new insights and ideas.” – Ross D. Vangalis, Founder & President


Marko returned to Queue this past spring, and now we are happy to announce that he has become a Senior Partner at Queue. He will also continue to serve in his role as VP of Digital Services. In the past four years, Marko has served in digital leadership positions at TPN Retail and Walton Isaacson, which have given him insights about digital automation that he brings back with him to Queue.


“My first priority in returning to Queue is to ensure that we constantly push the boundaries of our client work, and continue to give them innovative solutions. I hope to be a champion to the agency, and to make sure we are all working towards the same goals.” – Marko Vukasinovic, VP of Digital Services


Marko represents a new skill set and added knowledge leadership to our agency. His primary role is to act as the digital client advisor and lead digital operational growth for Queue’s rapidly growing client roster. Marko will also help build upon Queue’s Agency of the Future model through thought leadership.


“What’s exciting about Marko is that he grew up in the digital age. His digital experience and people skills will help us attract the right people to the agency and allow us to grow through recruiting. He exhibits a rare combination of business acumen, digital savviness and a huge respect for people that will usher in a transformation of growth and scale.” – Vangalis


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