Engaging Audiences with Innovative Techniques

Much has been made of the new generations that are experiencing the world through new, more sensory-driven engagement via the Web, the Wii and 3D Movies, among others. Concerned that they were losing out on newer, younger audiences, a museum in Kraków, Poland decided to do something about it.


The Sukiennice Museum of 19th Century Polish Art chose to re-invent their image by taking growing trends in technology and incorporating them into a new exhibit of older works. They created audio and video recreations of the stories behind some of their most important paintings, including Augmented Reality – where visitors could view the video and painting at the same time through a smartphone app.


The impressive effort resulted in 94,000 visitors over the first four months of the exhibit.


Today’s youth represent your future (and possibly current) consumers. Using marketing tactics from the past to reach them might mean that your brand won’t be around for these generations to use it. They’re not prone to being passive or anonymous in an audience. They want to create content as much as consume it.


In today’s marketspace, brands must adapt the way they promote and market products and experiences with innovative, engaging methods. Survival of the fittest indeed.