Queue Sponsors Keiretsu’s First Expo in Chicago that Brings Together 150 Investors & Entrepreneurs

Queue is a proud platinum sponsor of Keiretsu Midwest’s Investor Capital EXPO. This two-day event kicks off on July 10 with the goal of accelerating economic growth and business transformation in Chicago.


Queue and Keiretsu have a synergistic relationship aimed at helping emerging local businesses grow and scale through international investor funding, marketing and sales.


Ross Vangalis, Queue CEO & Founder, Keiretsu Midwest CPG Chair: “This event embodies our agency vision for accelerating business growth in Chicago and the Midwest and enhancing the environment for VC investing with groups like Keiretsu. Queue has a long history of supporting Chicago’s top entrepreneurs including Chef Rick Bayless and Manny Valdes of Frontera Foods, as well as Jay Owens and Tony Owens of Dom capital. We also support Chicago’s non-for-profit community with involvement with the Cove School and Robert Crown Center for Health Education.”


Sotiris Pagdadis, PhD & Keiretsu Chapter President: We are building an investor ecosystem unlike any other, with arms across the world allowing Midwest and Chicago entrepreneurs unprecedented access to venture capital funding. Groups like Queue allow us to accelerate the type of CPG emerging businesses our global investors want.”


See how Queue makes Business Transformation possible here.


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