What is Queue Lab?

Queue Lab is a new breed of accelerator dedicated to disruptive companies in high growth categories with a vision for food, lifestyle brands and life sciences.


We provide solutions that remove roadblocks to growth by addressing changing retail channel dynamics, increased competitive saturation, shifting consumer preferences and emerging macro-trends.


What Makes Queue Lab Different from Typical Accelerators?

Unlike financial based investment accelerators, Queue Lab is a marketing-based accelerator hybrid.


A fusion of accelerator methodology, business consultancy and MarCom practice.


By reimagining the traditional accelerator model, we provide businesses with a best of breed solution without diluting equity through investment.


Queue Lab Model = The Speed of an Accelerator Model + The Experience of Fortune 500 Executives + Proven MarCom Programming

Why Did We Launch Queue Lab?

We see current business services providers (accelerators, consultant firms and agencies) as highly fragmented and lacking agility. This makes it harder than it should be for startups, small and mid-cap businesses to truly achieve growth at an accelerated rate.


So we are ourselves, disruptors. We are changing the traditional accelerator model to enable Queue Lab clients a new, more integrated approach to accelerating business. Through this methodology, we help them tap the unprecedented growth in M&A and large-cap investors seeking out disruptors in high growth categories.

What is Queue BC Relationship to Queue Lab?

Queue Lab’s relationship with QBC is highly collaborative, providing access when needed to scale up operations across MarCom and MarTech. Teams are resourced faster for in-market deployment and to provide more ability to rapidly increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

What do Queue Lab Accelerator Programs Provide?

Our marketing accelerator programs include a dedicated executive advisory team, time-tested best in breed go-to-market plans proven to accelerate business volume, velocity and brand equity.


Queue Lab accelerator programs span our 3 core practice areas: food, lifestyle brands and life sciences.


Fair Pricing Model: All our accelerator programs are designed to be scalable to the business utilizing a tiered pricing model based on company stage of growth, annual and projected sales.

How Does Queue Lab Help Accelerate Business Growth?

Queue Lab connects business key stakeholders with advisors experienced in scaling business. After assessing a business need, we identify the best accelerator program and get to work on a plan.


Our marketing driven programs then build upon your business foundation to catapult it forward to meet your business objectives, whether amplified sales growth, series A through C investment, large-cap infusion or positioning for acquisition.

Where is Queue Lab Located?

Our HQ is located at 29 East Madison, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60602 but we can be found across the country holding think tanks or strategic planning sessions at SoHo House* and WeWork*.


We are always connected. We use our extensive conference and video systems to stay in touch and connected 24/7.

What program pricing does Queue Lab offer startups?

We do not post our pricing. Simply fill out the website form and we’ll be happy to share more.

What types of brands/companies does Queue Lab work with? 

We advance the growth of emerging businesses that have a compelling vision for disruption and proven business models.


We support business visionaries within high growth categories across food, lifestyle brands, and life sciences.


Our accelerator is designed for high growth markets within four business tiers:


1. Large-Cap Infusion – Incubators looking to fund small mid-cap brands

2. Private Equity Firms – Funding mid-cap brands

3. Venture Capital Firms – Funding small-cap brands

4. Disruptive Companies – Working directly with disruptive companies and startups

How Do We Get Started? 

To learn more about how our accelerator programs and advisors can hack your growth, please fill out the form on our website and we’ll arrange a call, pronto.

Let’s Start Growing Together.