Queue Cares Attends The Gourmand Gala Benefiting Cancer Patients

If you had poked your head into the Chicago History Museum late last Thursday evening, expecting to catch a glimpse of some of the attraction’s exhibits and artifacts, you might’ve been surprised to instead see a large group of people settling down for a delicious meal. And even if the unconventional venue hadn’t tipped you off, you would’ve immediately known this wasn’t your average dinner party. This diverse group consisted of philanthropists, foodies, cancer survivors, and some of Chicago’s top local chefs—over 500 people in total—all sitting down to break bread together.


This was the scene at Culinary Care’s Gourmand Gala, a philanthropic event dedicated to bringing the nourishment of a meal, care, and joy to cancer patients and their families. With 100% of the proceeds going towards Culinary Care’s mission, Gourmand Gala brought together supporters united in their shared belief that a good meal has the power to change lives. Queue’s own CEO and philanthropist, Ross Vangalis, was among this group of diners, representing Queue as an active participant and supporter of the Gourmand Gala’s cause.


“Queue Cares is proud to stand with a culinary community that so strongly upholds their values of generosity and service. It’s leaders like these that strengthen the philanthropic fabric binding the greater Chicago community.” — Ross Vangalis, Queue CEO 


It was an unforgettable night of delicious food, wonderful people, and a cause worth fighting for, and both Queue and Ross look forward to continue lending support to the Culinary Cares mission.