Queue Cares Supports Cancer Battle with Tour de BBQ

Queue Brand Communications was proud to support its client, National Beef, in the fight against cancer by donating $2,000 and biking over 35 miles in Chicagoland for the Tour De BBQ.


Tour De BBQ is an annual cancer fundraising event in Kansas City. Being unable to attend on site, this year Queue members Ross Vangalis, CEO, and Brad Eubanks, Creative Director biked in the greater Chicago area and donated funds to show support.


Over the years, Queue has made it a priority to be an active participant and philanthropist in its community and assist charitable causes.


“It’s in our core values to support our culture, clients, and communities so we love to participate in charitable causes such as the Tour de BBQ,” said Queue’s CEO, Ross Vangalis, “Tangible investment in our community is something we take seriously.”