Queue Lab Partner TeaSquares Up For $50,000 Prize

Queue Lab is proud to announce that our partner, the CPG startup TeaSquares, is in the running for the FedEx Small Business Grant contest, joining hundreds of disruptive small businesses vying for the grand prize.


The reigning winners of the inaugural Startup Chicago, and one of the hottest up-and-comers in the Second City’s thriving entrepreneurial community, TeaSquares is a CPG company looking to shake up the snack aisle. Their flagship product, Focus Bites, delivers mental energy, focus, and clarity to the consumer—a far cry from the jittery, crash-prone energy you might get from coffee or an energy drink.


Now, the Englewood-based company is hoping to continue their success by winning the $50,000 grand prize through the FedEx Small Business Grant contest. Competing against hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and startups from across the United States, the winners are determined first by a round of public voting, then by selection from a panel of judges. 


TeaSquares has had success in competitions like these in the past. As the winners of Startup Chicago, TeaSquares received a package of MarCom and brand communications services from the accelerator Queue Lab. These integrated services were put towards a complete rebrand of TeaSquares Focus Bites, which the company will be rolling out in 2020. 


With the FedEx grant, TeaSquares hopes to continue expanding their business. “The FedEx Grant would allow us to build a new production line in our facility located in Englewood, invest in our economically underserved community, hire four new employees, and ship more packages to our customers across the country,” said TeaSquares CEO & co-founder, Jordan Buckner. “We understand that the success of TeaSquares and local economic advancement are directly related, and we are committed to reinvesting in our community.”


But to do that, TeaSquares needs your vote! Vote for TeaSquares here, and support one of Chicago’s own hometown startups!