Queue Makes the Grade at Columbia College

Everybody remembers their first portfolio. At the time, you think it’s chock full of groundbreaking work, but in retrospect it was really just a hot mess. Last Friday, Queue was lucky enough to help combat this trend of terribleness at Columbia College.


Senior Art Director Dave Carlson and Senior Copywriter Mike Baroni were invited to judge the final presentations of students in Columbia College’s Advertising Art Direction class. Students were tasked with choosing a random product out of a bag, then writing, art directing and presenting a full-blown campaign that included print, digital and promotional elements.


Dave and Mike were both surprised at the range of ideas, and some of the originality put forth. From prunes and toilet paper to licorice and sex, it was an afternoon filled with unique and creative concepts that made a lasting impression.


Both were impressed with the creativity and rationale behind the students’ campaigns, with a few in particular rising to the top. They were so impressed, in fact, that Queue is currently exploring the potential for bringing one of these students on as a summer intern. Queue would like to thank Susan Smith for giving us the opportunity to critique, talk with, and ask questions of each of the students… and we’re looking forward to heading back for next year’s class.