Queue & Utopia Inc. Celebrate the Global Opening of Utopia Labs™

Utopia Inc. celebrated the launch of Utopia Labs with ribbon cutting ceremony and a preview of the first ever data demonstration center in the SAP® ecosystem showcasing a variety of data solution simulations.


Utopia Labs features an SAP landscape running fully in the Cloud and includes ECC 6, SAP Business Objects™ Data Services software, Information Steward, BW/BI, HANA, Mobile applications, ILM, Enterprise Portal, MDM/MDG, Sybase® Unified Platform. It provides demonstrations of “creation to archival” processes and data governance.


Working within Utopia’s cross-functional team, Queue helped develop Utopia Labs branding, conceptual layout, interior merchandising systems and communication platforms.


Queue’s president, Ross D. Vangalis commented, “Big Data is a rapidly growing sector within the emerging enterprise systems industry. The challenge we had in creating Utopia Labs was in developing a centerpiece for the data-for-data concept – designing the experience of seeing, testing and touching data solutions in a manner which was never-before possible.”


In reference to Queue’s role, Mr. Vangalis said that “Strategizing, planning and designing for a high-impact innovation environment was inspiring. We needed to create solutions surrounding both functional needs for creating an experience within orientation, training, presenting, IT integration and aesthetic needs for branding continuity and messaging to deliver client impact. We are quite pleased with the final result for Utopia Labs.”