Time for a Change

As President of Queue, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new site, in-queue.com. It signifies our investment in changes to our methodology, leadership, service and growth over the past 3 years. We encourage you to visit the site, and hope that you see the changes we’ve addressed to meet the new demands of marketers this year, and beyond.


With Change Comes New Challenges.

In serving Fortune 500 and Mid-Cap clients for over a decade, we’ve seen sweeping changes in consumer markets, a new focus on retail channels and the development of new media technologies. These transformations have caused new challenges such as:

  • Finding new growth strategies within emerging markets.
  • Creating successful brand launches or brand refreshes within heavily segmented or declining categories.
  • Redefining the path to purchase in order to engage the right target, at the right time and the right place.
  • Optimizing new media and traditional marketing tactics seamlessly to grow audience share.


At the end of the day, the largest challenge marketers will face in the coming months will be delivering new results. These results will be determined by 1) using what’s tried and true, or 2) trying something new. Enter Queue.


New Approaches. New Ideas. New Results.

Queue believes that there is an untapped world of new choices to win in-market. To create new results, we have evolved our go-to-market approach within our branding, promotions and digital services to address marketers’ needs for leaner, faster, smarter strategies, which engage consumers and build brands.


Our approach, fused with our cross-functional leadership team and collaborative client process, produces game-changing new ideas, brilliant creative and a more integrated path to market.


Change is good.

If you’re looking to create new results for 2011 and beyond, maybe you should be in-Queue.


Ross D. Vangalis, President
312.564.6000 x11


A celebrated creative leader for more than 20 years, Ross has launched over 50 brands, created more than 30 new product launches, developed over 20 brand refreshes and hundreds of package designs and ads for fortune 500 and Mid-Cap companies. Recognized as an industry innovator, Ross has won numerous awards and frequently speaks on the fields of promotions, design, and multi-cultural branding.