Why Shopper 2.0 Marketing?

The shift of power has transitioned from CPG and Retail to the Shopper. Shoppers are more unique, segmented, mobile and engaged in the purchase decision than ever before. Shopper marketing is no longer just about freestanding inserts, end caps and point-of-purchase displays. It has expanded to include mobile, digital CRM, social coupons, digital wallets and analytics. Today’s shopper is an omni-channel creature, seeing little difference between shopping online, in-store or via mobile.


The path to purchase also runs across multiple channels, influenced by a myriad of digital options that are being used for product research and, increasingly, purchases. And shopper behavior follows suit:

  • Research is conducted at home, on the fly and even in the store aisles
  • Coupons are shared over social networks
  • Checkout is being done with mobile phones


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